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Spelt "WHYDAH" in history books written in English, it is the "Museum City". It is evocative of European penetration with its ancient Portuguese, English, Danish and French trading posts or strongholds. There can be seen the remains of the ancient port from which slaves were boarded and shipped to the Americas.

Referred to as the "Royal City", it is the capital of Dan-Home, the ancient Kingdom. It has one of the most impressive museums of Africa. Its artists and craftsmen, be they weavers, jewelers, woodcarvers, iron and brass workers are famous far beyond the boundaries of the Republic of BENIN.

It is the city, the cradle of "voodoos" in vogue in the Americas, namely in Brazil, West Indies, the Caribbean countries.

Porto Novo:
The "City with three Names" (Porto Novo,Hogbonou,Adjatche) . It is Benin's administrative capital, right in the middle of the Yoruba land.

The historic capital of the Baatonu people.

Its castle-type "TATA-Sombas" and the traditional huts of the Tanekas and other tribes in the North where there are the richly varied fauna of the National Parks of Pendjari and "W".

AFRICA's unique floating villages built on stilts. A population of several thousand. Motorboats or dugouts are available for the trips across the lake to the Ganvie. During the trip, there are Akadjas made of stakes and bushes in the shape of open circles or triangles driven into the bed of the plantless Lake. Seeking shelter among the foliage, the fish can thus be easily caught or kept for breeding.

Places to Stay in Benin

Benin Sheraton Cotonou Hotel de L'etoile Cotonou
P.O. Box 1901 Cotonou P.O. Box 1866
Telex: 511-5112 Tel. (229) 31-56-41
Tel. (229) 30-01-00 and Telex: 5340
(229) 30-12-56

PLM Aledjo Cotonou Hotel de France Cotonou
P.O. Box 2292 P.O. Box 921
Telex: 5180 Tel.(229) 32-19-44
Tel. (229) 33-05-61 and

Hotel de La Plage Cotonou Hotel Beaurivage Porto Novo
P.O. Box 36 P.O. Box 387
Tel. (229) 33-25-60 and Tel. (229) 21-23-99
(229) 31-25-61

Hotel du Port Cotonou Hotel Dona Porto Novo
P.O. Box 7067 P.O. Box 95
Tel. (229) 31-44-43 Tel. (229) 21-30-52 and
Telex: 5377 (229) 21-30-38

Hotel du Golfe Cotonou Hotel Dako Bohicon/Abomey
P.O. Box 37 P.O. Box 218
Tel. (229) 33-09-55 Tel. (229) 51-01-38 and
Telex. 5321 (229) 51-02-38

El Dorado Cotonou Hotel Gbena Ouidah
P.O. Box 37 P.O. Box 208
Tel. (229) 33-09-23 Tel (229) 34-12-15

Hotel G. L. Cotonou Etoile Rouge Hotel Lokossa
P.O. Box 1226 P.O. Box 17
Tel. (229) 33-16-17 Tel. (229) 41-12-30
Telex: 5311

Hotel de L'Union Cotonou Le Relais des Routiers Parakou
P.O. Box 921 P.O. Box 81
Tel. (229) 31-27-66 and Tel. (229) 61-04-01
(229) 31-55-60

Croix du Sud Hotel Cotonou Hotel Tata Somba (PLM)
P.O. Box 280 P.O. Box 82
Tel. (229) 30-09-54 and Tel. (229) 82-11-24
(229) 30-09-55

Village Club Aheme
B.P. 2090 Cotonou

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